Head of Chassis Design Luca Furbatto discusses Brexit on Channel 4’s Dispatches


Wellingborough (UK) – 23rd June 2017:

Following the one year anniversary of the Brexit referendum, RML Group’s Head of Chassis Design Luca Furbatto has spoken to Channel 4’s award-winning investigative current affairs programme, Dispatches. ‘Brexit – How To Get A British Passport’ focuses on EU citizens born and brought up in the UK who now face obstacles gaining British citizenship as a result of UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

Italian born Furbatto is a highly skilled engineer who trained at Politecnico di Torino in Piedmont, northern Italy. He moved to the UK 20 years ago and is now married with two children, both born in the UK.

“Due to Brexit our situation is now unclear”, comments Furbatto. “To de-risk our position here my wife who is from Belgium and I will have to apply for British passports. This will cost around £2,000 each. My daughter who is 10 years old automatically qualifies for a passport, however my son who is 13 and who was also born in the UK before the legislation change in 2006, is not automatically eligible. We’re now having to apply for a process called ‘Nationalisation’ for him which will be an additional expense of £1000. In total, in order to ensure our future here it will cost us around £5,000. The decision has come as a big shock to us and is really making us deliberate about staying in the UK.”

Simon Holloway, RML Group Commercial Director said, “Obviously this is a very difficult time for Luca and his family. Since he joined RML Group at the beginning of this year he’s been a vital member of our highly skilled engineering department. RML employs around 120 people, including several members from the EU, covering a broad spectrum of expertise in fields ranging from fabrication to designers. We have recently developed a high profile electric supercar as well as expanded our EV (Electric Vehicle) capabilities by investing in an energy storage design and manufacturing facility. Luca has been fundamental in the development stages of these types of innovative projects. He’s a huge asset to the company.”

To view Dispatches: ‘Brexit – How To Get A British Passport’ tune into Channel 4, Monday 26th June 20:00 or click on the link below from 27th June:







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