Wellingborough [UK] – Monday 9 February 2015: RML Group has expanded its commercial customer service side of the business to provide additional support to private customers seeking specialist skills, alongside its race, automotive and SVO projects.

For the past thirty years RML has led success at the very top of motorsport, both for private customers and major OEMs. During this time the Group has developed an enviable level of internal resource and expertise across a broad range of projects worldwide in both the motorsport and automotive sectors.

Often ‘under the radar’, RML has won multiple World Championships for our partners, demonstrating its winning pedigree. This success is driven by the quality of its people, structures and processes, which also enables the Group to work on multiple programmes operating on opposite sides of the world, simultaneously.

But it’s not just major motorsport projects and headline cars that RML specialises in. With core in-house capabilities including fabrication, machining, sub assembly, electrical, engineering and design, engine build plus full race preparation, RML will apply this world-leading capability to any private project.

From Super Tourers to Group C cars or bespoke restoration or rebuild projects, RML can support a variety of customer needs, providing world-class service and attention to detail on any scale.
For a full listing of the services provided, please see below:
– Fabrication

– Machine Shop

– Sub-Assembly

– Electrical

– Engineering & Design for Chassis & Powertrain

– Paint Department

– Engine Build

– Race Preparation

– Track Testing & Development

– Race Operations

– Hospitality



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