Celebrating the Heritage of RML Group through Arthur Mallock’s Life


Wellingborough (UK) –1st of March 2018

RML Group and the Mallock family are celebrating 60 amazing years of designing, developing and building customer race and high performance road cars. The foundation and evolution of RML’s customer cars came from Arthur Mallock’s ingenious engineering. He was considered as being one of the great pioneers of post-war motor racing.


The remarkable dynasty of Mallock in motorsport began in 1936 when Arthur started building his first competition car. His engineering passion, competitive spirit and original thinking ensured that the key principles of simplicity, low cost, low weight, chassis stiffness and suspension geometry were prioritised over aesthetics and following the lead of others.


Over the course of the next 20 years, Arthur developed his cars to tackle a variety of disciplines, ranging from trials, hill climbs, and single-seater racing. In 1958, Arthur created his first customer race car, the U2 MK1, a spaceframe design clad with stress bearing aluminium panels. His U2 cars made motorsport accessible to the man in the street and has enabled hundreds of individuals to pursue their motorsport dreams whilst learning about the engineering and dynamics involved in race car competition. Many motorsport luminaries used the U2 chassis’ in their early careers, including the late Harvey Postlethwaite, former chief designer at Tyrell and Ferrari; Max Mosley, former president of the FIA, and Patrick Head, co-founder and engineering director at Williams F1.


This year will be a very proud moment for the Mallock family and RML Group as we celebrate these 60 winning years of designing, developing and building customer race and high performance road cars. In recognition of 100 years since Arthur’s birth, a website has been launched today in honour of Arthur, his cars and his various articles. The website includes previously unpublished and exclusive hand written articles on race car dynamics, design and development. Please follow the link below:




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