RML has played a pivotal role in the touring car world since 1992 and having managed highly successful manufacturer programmes for Nissan, Vauxhall and most recently, Chevrolet – through initial design, build and race management to championship success on track – RML has rapidly become one of the most respected motorsport & automotive engineering companies in the industry.  Over the past decade numerous RML-built cars have competed across the globe in various championships, with customer teams adding to the victorious portfolio of wins in the European, Australian, Asian and South African championships.

In 2014 RML will be supplying a number of customer cars to the FIA WTCC.

In line with the new regulations this year, the more aggressive-looking RML-Cruze TC1 is a completely new ‘clean-sheet’ design. With significant aero gain, weight reduction and a 20% power increase, the all-new Cruze has been designed and built at RML, and represents a significant step forward in performance development over its predecessors.

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